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Mission Statement:  "To Make Every Child's Potential a Reality by Engaging and
Empowering Families and Communities to Advocate for All Children."

Dear Hawley Parents, Guardians, and Staff,

The Hawley PTA takes great pride in the dedication of its members and the close relationship it has with the Hawley administration team and our families. This partnership is what allows us to bring new and fresh programs to our community which enables us to impact the lives of every Hawley student, both at school and at home. This drive to enrich the lives of our children is what saw our school named a school of excellence from 2017-2021, an accolade we hope to continue to earn in the eyes of the national PTA organization and each and every family who calls hawley home.

Each year, the PTA funds and coordinates many enrichment programs, family events, and activities that enhance the educational experience children receive at Hawley. Last year, the PTA brought to you: The Sundae Social, Monster Mash Fundraiser, International Night, and our yearly supplemental Math Superstar program, and many more.

We know that this year we are facing very unique circumstances. So, along with the rest of our school district, the Hawley PTA is remaining focused on the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff, and families and are working hard to ensure our events and programs are in alignment with state and local guidelines for safety as they adapt and change.

Most importantly, It is YOUR support, understanding, and involvement that truly shapes and defines what programs, events, activities, and fundraising the PTA is able to offer this year.

We are grateful for the time, effort, talent, and monetary donations generously given by our Hawley community. We hope that you will consider joining the PTA by becoming a paid member this year, if you are able. These membership dollars will be instrumental in our ability to safely continue to offer programming in this unprecedented time of social distancing.

We want to hear from you!  Do you have an idea for something new, a question, or comment?  Email us at H
awleyPTA   or find us on Facebook at and be sure to check out our webpage, located on the Hawley home page, link under "Hawley Parent Resources'

Wishing you a safe and fulfilling school year -

Kristen Bonacci, Jenn Padilla, Laura Ormiston, Thom Damon, and Janice Utsogn
Your 2020-2021 Hawley PTA Executive Board


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