Mr. Christopher Moretti

Through the Eyes of a Child!

Dear Hawley Parents / Guardians,

A five year old child enters Hawley Elementary School on his first day of Kindergarten.  He is nervous but excited. Coming to school is a sign that he is growing and maturing. He's heard that school is a wondrous place filled with books, exploration, and play.  He's always been curious to learn, just like most children his age. He loves to draw, to sing, to run. He wants to create and build. He wants to read and write and compute just like his older sister.

This child is lucky because he has entered a school where his uniqueness will be respected and honored, where staff believe that children are naturally inquisitive.

Hawley Elementary School is dedicated to the development of literacy.  Children gain power and fulfillment from their ability to communicate. Literacy is learning to read, wanting to read, appreciating the written word, finding excitement in a good book.  Literacy is crafting one's own words, speaking from the heart and mind, moving others to new levels of understanding. Literacy is understanding the meaning of a great artist, or musical, or choreographer, and communicating your own ideas and feeling through art, music, and dance.

Hawley Elementary School is dedicated to the development of authentic and engaging learning.  Through Teaching to the Edges, we challenge and support students at their ability level and beyond.  Students become reflective learners who can assess their strengths and weaknesses. 

Hawley Elementary School is a community of learners.  Students, teachers, and parents work as a team. Older students assist younger children, and the community regularly celebrates the many achievements of its members.  Children and adults work collaboratively in an environment which strongly encourages personal best in all tasks. The expectation is simple, Work Hard & Be Nice!

A ten year old child enters Hawley Elementary School on her last day of fourth grade.  Leaving the elementary school and moving to the intermediate school makes her a bit nervous, but she knows it is a sign that she is growing and maturing.  She thinks back on her five years at HAW, and she smiles with the many wonderful memories. She remembers the supportive and creative teachers she encountered.  She recalls the excitement she felt when her classroom chicks hatched in Kindergarten, the pride when she saw her artwork in the Art Show in Grade One, the thrill when her poem was chosen and presented at the Veteran’s Day Assembly in Grade Two, the fun when in Grade Three she attended her first STEAM Night, and she recollects the exhilaration of her solo in the Grade Four Chorus Concert.

Hawley Elementary School was a home.  She knew people here cared about her. She had awakened each day of the past five years eager to climb on a school bus which would take her to a place of challenge, creativity, and involvement.  This would always be a place of fond memories.

Best regards,

Inspiring Each Student to Excel

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